Professional teeth whitening is a course of activities aimed at multiple lightening of the patient’s teeth. Professional whitening involves the development of an individual course of bleaching by a dentist. The doctor, conducting bleaching, exercises control over the course of the process, adjusting the course as necessary. Before any whitening procedures it is necessary to carry out professional oral hygiene (teeth cleaning): remove plaque, choose individual hygiene products to strengthen the enamel of the teeth.

Professional teeth whitening in dentistry differs from bleaching with various pastes at home using completely different active ingredients. The effect of consumer toothpastes with the effect of whitening, as a rule, is based on the abrasive properties of the paste itself. Therefore, when brushing your teeth, tooth enamel is often damaged. The effect of such whitening pastes is almost imperceptible.

Professional teeth whitening technique involves the use of stronger whiteners, which have a high concentration of active ingredients. Therefore, professional teeth whitening is carried out only in a dental clinic under the supervision of a dentist. When whitening teeth with the help of professional systems, a substance based on hydrogen peroxide is used, which has a fundamentally different whitening mechanism, which is achieved without damaging the enamel. This type of teeth whitening allows you to change the color of the tooth many times in a short period of time with the preservation of the resulting effect for many years. For example, you can change dark brown teeth, turning them into light – white. When using whitening pastes such a whitening effect can never be obtained, even if you use them all your life.

Before any whitening procedures it is necessary to carry out professional oral hygiene (professional teeth cleaning). Remove tartar and plaque, pick up individual hygiene products to strengthen tooth enamel.

Laser teeth whitening. Hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth, which is illuminated by a laser directly on each tooth. Thanks to this procedure is not painful and effective. You can whiten your teeth in one or two visits. After each procedure, the tooth brightens on two shades. The effect after laser bleaching persists for a lifetime. The main plus – laser whitening does not harm the structure of enamel. And even the opposite, it strengthens its microstructure.

Office teeth whitening. For office teeth whitening, we use whitening lamp ZOOM (USA). It uses a gel that is 25% hydrogen peroxide. First, the teeth are polished, then gel is applied on the enamel, which lasts 15 minutes, and it repeats so 3 times. Then the gel is washed off, and the enamel is fluorinated with a special paste.