In the dental clinic “Karadental.uz” you will meet doctors with extensive experience in orthopedic dentistry. Individual approach and the possibility of a wide choice of materials for prosthetics allow to solve any, even very complex problems. Free expert advice will allow you to determine the method of restoring the dentition. All types of dental prosthetics in the clinic “Karadental.uz” are performed as soon as possible, without pain and discomfort.

  • Metal-ceramic and metal-free crowns
  • Prosthetics on implants
  • Bridge prosthesis
  • Removable micro prosthesis
  • Palateless prosthesis
  • Plate prosthesis
  • Full removable prosthesis
  • Veneers
  • Lumineers


Let’s start from the beginning. It is well known that today porcelain is the best and most harmless material for prosthetics and restoration of teeth. Porcelain does not absorb moisture, does not change color, is very close to the natural enamel of the tooth, due to its physical properties and, most importantly, does not cause allergic reactions and has no toxic effects on the body.

Ceramic mass and glass ceramics used in the restoration of teeth, more compatible with dental enamel, than composite materials due to its hardness, thermal expansion coefficient and modulus of elasticity.

There are two methods that can be used to restore the crown of the tooth by tabs of porcelain: indirect (also called laboratory) and direct method. Briefly, for comparison, consider the indirect method.

Before starting the procedure, the doctor, having previously processed the tooth, makes his impression and transfers this impression to the dental laboratory. While the tab is being manufactured, the doctor closes the treated tooth with a temporary filling. The technician on the mold, first makes the model, and only then makes the tab itself. Using this indirect method, it takes 2 – 3 days to make a tab, but it may take more time. During the second visit, the doctor tries on the finished tab in the cavity of the tooth, stores and completely fixes it.

The growth of the aesthetic demands of patients dictates the development of new technologies and advanced training of doctors. In modern dental clinics due to the level of technical equipment of cabinets and professionalism of dentists can confidently predict the results of artistic tooth restoration (especially – the teeth of the frontal group) with prosthetic ceramics. The use of ceramic mass allows you to completely restore the teeth, bringing them closer to their natural healthy teeth in their beauty and strength.